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                          About Us
                          Leading company of china bussiness(credit) investigation
                          35% market share
                          About 1,000 customers (70% of multinational companies, 30% of joint ventures and state-owned enterprises)
                          Tailor-made special investigation services
                          Same high-quality commercial investigation to different customers,help clients build special business surveys
                          To reveal the target company's "way of survival, the art of making money," by investigating the cooperative customers / suppliers ,clear social and historical background, business operations, financial analysis and business relationship. So as to ensure the lowest risk.
                          Accounts receivable collection (RMS)
                          Professional management consulting services due to the rapid and efficient action and appropriate strategies to successfully recover the debt.
                          Company has too much accounts receivable, will affect the financial operations, making the liquidity tight, increase the cost of capital; Accounts receivable outstanding for a long time will easily lead to bad debts and bad debts,bite the profits.

                          Company News


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